Saturday, October 18, 2008

Congrats Ravenclaw

Wow, Agatha Vlablasky is a genius! I have NO IDEA how she figured out to go to the Perfect Peds Sock Yarn Club page but that's where the snitch was hiding at the bottom of the page. I was trying to figure out who left her family's business to make candy so I could find another clue and it was just snatched!

Nice hunting .. thanks for joining me this am, Ursula and Selena!

As an aside, isn't this cute?? Let's all feel the love.


Ursula Longbottom said...

I totally love the badger sticker!!

I too was completely lost on the candy clue. It still doesn't make sense to me lol My apologies if I sounded short in chat ... I had just rolled out of bed and was still very groggy.

Lavender O said...

I figured out that the candy reference was on Minerva's blog that she opened a confections shop. The whole thing was very "insider" driven ... a first year like me (who doesn't memorize everyone's blogs and history) hasn't got a chance! LOL!!