Sunday, November 9, 2008

Owl Arrived!

A beautiful owl dropped a huge box off for me yesterday from Waverly Trimble!!! Look at all the HSKS goodness stuffed in side:
There is a handmade black bag to hold my Dye Kit! I have no idea what TO DO with it now, but I'll figure it out! And, Waverly gave me Hufflepuff colors! You can also see some of my pampering kit items in both pictures: neck rest, gels, soap, confetti, loofah .... aaah, I feel relaxed already.AND, there were two new Bamboo crochet hooks and some DPNs (I'm gonna figure out how to use them!), plus a hot chocolate lover's tower of delight .... gorgeous mug, cocoa mix, even chocolate with a mini grate for the ultimate luxury! Plus, that sweet believe mini-pillow hanger. I love it all. Thank you so much!!!

I need to finish up my package to send .... I didn't make the early mailing dealine and am so bummed about that. I wanted my Dumbledore's Army badge... =(


Slightly Sinister Scribe said...

It's beautiful! :)

You're not alone in missing the deadline for the early send out... do you know if it's still possible to get a DA badge if you missed two of the deadlines? I'm thinking there's a possibility there might be, but I'm not sure...

-Tia Pascal,
Slytherin <3

Shelvicious said...

Hope you liked your package!