Monday, November 3, 2008

Ugliest Hat in the World??

I'm ashamed to admit, I may have sent Fleur the ugliest hat in the world. I was following the guidelines and used some yarn from my stash. The farther I got with the pattern, the more "interesting" it looked but I'm so behind in my crafts that I kept going. I'm also sure it's a smidge too big, so I added a sweet pink satin ribbon to the brown -err- furry hat. Too bad we don't live where it's extremely cold.

I like pink and brown together but, to tell you the truth, the overall effect of that particular yarn in that hat (without the ribbon) kinda reminds me of Ron's dress robes ... if you know what I mean! LOL!!! I tucked in a really nice knitting book to make up for my tardiness (and ugliness).

So, here it is, the reason Ron has such a look on his face:

I hope we all agree that there's truth in "it's the thought that counts"! I wish Fleur the best of luck in this next round!!! Huzzah Huffs!!

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